Friday, September 14, 2012

New "Good Guys" launch week links: Bucky Covington at ABC News, People Country, Us Magazine, CMT Insider and a Music Row chart check...

Here's a little video slice of Good Guys history, straight from Imlay City--this clip by captures one of the very first live performances of "Drinking Side of Country" ever!  For your chance to hear Bucky Covington and his band perform this rockin' hit (along with lots more of the good stuff from his new album) check out his official concert calendar at eOne.

Bucky Covington has been very busy promoting his new--and well-received--album Good Guys, and three intriguing new video links have popped up over the course of the day:

ABC News' What's The Buzz featured Bucky in this interview segment--he spoke about the making of his new release, his commitment to Help the Good Guys, and the importance of the organization's efforts to assist injured firefighters in need and their families.

People Country posted this short but info-packed video in which Bucky talks about why buying Good Guys this week is an especially brilliant idea (a portion of the proceeds from the first week's sales go to HTGG;  snag your copy at Amazon, iTunes, the store,  Bucky's official site, or at a store near you now),  and gives a cute shout out to Kellie Pickler's charms...

Finally (and most intriguingly of all), Bucky takes on a totally different career--temporarily--as he joins US Magazine's Senior Editor Ian Drew for an unscripted (and funny!) celebrity gossip chat in their Hot Stuff Video segment.  Enjoy!

Coming up:  Monarch Publicity Tweeted that Bucky and Good Guys will be part of this week's CMT Insider, airing on Saturday and Sunday at 11 am Eastern, 10 Central.  Don't miss it!

We'll close with a Music Row Country Breakout Chart check;  Bucky, Shooter Jennings and  "Drinking Side of Country" moved up from #77 to #72 in its second week on the chart--nice going!  Celebrate with a vote for Bucky and Shooter at  GAC's Top 20 Country Countdown, CMT Pure's Pure 12 Pack and CMT's Top 20 Countdown, and be sure to request Bucky at your local country radio station.  We'll turn it over to the fantastic Fran, who'll keep you updated with videos, photos and news all weekend long at the excellent Buckytown USA blog.  See you here on Monday evening--have a great weekend, everybody!

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