Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bucky Covington's busy "Good Guys" launch week continues: Fox News, the New York Times and more ...

Stripped down or cranked up loud--any way you slice it, Bucky Covington's new single is a party!  Bucky and Ducky Medlock performed this hot acoustic version of "Drinking Side of Country" last night on the  Nick and Artie Show.  It's just one of the great tracks on his brand new album, Good Guys--get it now at Amazon, iTunes, the store,  Bucky's official site, or at a store near you.

Bucky Covington's excellent second album, Good Guys, is now available everywhere--and Bucky himself has been popping up almost everywhere, too!  Late last night, he and Ducky Medlock performed "Mexicoma" and "Drinking Side of Country" on Direct TV's Nick and Artie Show, and these two hot acoustic renditions are both available at YouTube now.

Also on video:  Bucky's appearance on Fox News LIVE was a freewheeling chat about his new album, his friends on Idol, his association with Help the Good Guys, his engagement, and lots more.  Check it out!

Bucky spoke at length with David Scarlett of about the making of Good Guys, among many, many other fun things. This is a terrific interview; here's what Bucky had to say about "Only Got So Much Time", a track which seems to be a fan favorite right out of the gate:

Without a doubt, man. I love that song. I’m glad you brought that up. When you get done hearing that song, you feel so positive about everything. There are so many great lines in it, of course I’ve been off for two years going through a bunch of absolute record label crap. But one of my favorite lines in the song for those crappy, crappy times is sit by the ocean and pretend that you own it. Anybody can do that, and that is the coolest line in there to me. But every time after I hear that song, I feel like I want to go do something good, you know?

Even the venerable New York Times weighed in on Bucky's new release in Jon Caramanica's Playlist column; the mixed and measured "praise-icism" is as reserved as you'd expect from the Gray Lady, but we didn't miss the references to his "vocal charm", or the positive nods to the beauties of "Hold a Woman", "A Father's Love" and "I Wanna Be That Feeling".  We'll take it as a general thumbs-up.

Screenshot of Bucky Covington on the Nick & Artie set; click here to see Bucky and Ducky Medlock perform "Mexicoma".

Bucky's trips to New York City just don't seem to be complete without a fun subway ride--a photo of himself (and his iPhone app) underground is among the new images at his Facebook today.  You'll also spy a nice studio photo posted by People Country--wonder when we'll see the fruits of this session in the magazine?

Finally (whew!) there's some good, quick reading for Bucky's camera-carrying fans at you were one of the talented photographers who contributed photos to the Good Guys booklet, your name is listed in the credits. Congrats!

We'll close with our daily reminder:  please feel free to call in a request for Bucky at your local country radio station, and show Bucky, Shooter and  "Drinking Side of Country"  some affection at GAC's Top 20 Country Countdown, CMT Pure's Pure 12 Pack and CMT's Top 20 Countdown. Bucky's next live show is coming up on September 22nd at the Tallahatchie River Fest in New Albany, MS--check out his full concert calendar at his official site and at Buckytown USA's helpful sidebar. Have a great night!

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