Thursday, September 06, 2012

Very quick update: Bucky Covington in the news, and a few odds and ends...

Happydays captured this excellent image during Bucky Covington's concert in Murray, KY. Thanks again, Happydays!

Bucky Covington, the IAFF Charitable Foundation and Help The Good Guys  got a shout out in this terrific article at the Fire Engineering site:

"Firefighters risk their lives to protect the public, running into burning buildings, always putting the public's needs before their own. They make what I do look easy," says Covington. "If I can sing a few songs and raise money for a family in need, I consider it a small thing compared to what they do each day."

The article also mentioned that Special IAFF Edition Good Guys CD (with two bonus tracks) available exclusively through the HelpTheGoodGuys. com we will, too!  You can also pre-order your copy at Amazon, iTunes, at Bucky's official site now, and in stores across the country on September 11th.  We can't wait!  (In the meantime, don't wait to vote for Bucky, Shooter Jennings and "Drinking Side of Country" at GAC's Top 20 Country Countdown, CMT Pure's Pure 12 Pack and CMT's Top 20 Countdown....)

Another excellent news story awaits you at the Gallatin News, where Bucky gave a great interview to April Stillwell.  Enjoy!

We've got one more show to look forward to before Good Guys is released, and it's gonna be a good one--join Bucky and his band on Saturday, September 8th at the Russell County Fair in Castlewood, VA. 

Slow news day before a very busy news week ahead; stay tuned, request Bucky at your favorite country radio station, and we'll see you here tomorrow!

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