Monday, September 24, 2012

Quick news: New Bucky Covington live dates (via Buckytown) and more...

Ducky Medlock and Bucky Covington on stage at the Grand Ole Opry last Friday night--many thanks to the very kind Hildi for the photo!

The fantastic Fran at Buckytown USA tipped us off to a newly-added concert date on Bucky Covington's official calendar--he'll be the featured country artist at the American Royal's ProRodeo post-show in Kansas City, MO [directions] on Friday, September 28thTickets are on sale now via the event's website--have fun!

Bucky's first festival date of summer 2013 is also listed--see and hear him and his band at the big Thunder on The Mountain in Ozark, AK on June 6th.  We'll have more info on that show as it becomes available...

Today, Bucky's in Washington DC attending the IAFF International Burn Camp; he posted this photo on his Facebook, and the Help the Good Guys Facebook will have lots more pictures to come.

Speaking of photos (and also via Fran), be sure to check out the York Dispatch story about Bucky's show at Cousler Park this past weekend!  The fundraiser for the MDA was a big success, and longtime fans Karri, CathyAnne and Heidi gave great quotes to the Dispatch's Mark Franklin.

"Drinking Side of Country"  seems to have gone missing from the CMT Top 20 ballot as of post time (sigh), but you can still show Bucky and Shooter some affection at GAC's Top 20 Country Countdown and CMT Pure's Pure 12 Pack today.  And if you haven't yet snagged your copy of Bucky's new album, get it today at Amazon, iTunes, the store,  Bucky's official site, or at a store near you.  We'll be back soon--enjoy the night!


  1. Anonymous7:10 PM

    Maybe if we all stream DSOC 10 times a day, it will magically reappear on CMT Top 20 poll. Let's do it daily for a week and see if it gets back on next week???

  2. Hi, Anon--can't hurt, could help a lot! Here's that link again:

    "Drinking Side of Country" at CMT