Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bucky Covington and Help The Good Guys on the road...

By request, the Brothers Covington! Thanks again to the very generous Mel for this photo of Rocky Covington and Bucky Covington on stage in Ashville.

It's been a quiet news day, but Bucky Covington and Rocky Covington brought some smiles to the folks at the IAFF Headquarters in Washington, DC earlier this afternoon.  You can see photos from their visit (and lots more) at the Help the Good Guys Facebook right now!

Bucky and his band are ready to hit the road again very soon--there was a glitch yesterday at the Ticketmaster site, but it looks like all's well this evening.  Get your ticket for the American Royal's ProRodeo event in Kansas City, MO [directions] on Friday, September 28th, and enjoy both the rodeo and the concert for one low price...

Colleen captured this radiant shot at Bucky Covington's concert in Southaven, MS, and Hildi graciously sent it to us.  Many thanks to you both!  Check out Bucky's concert schedule right here.

Bucky posted this reminder at Facebook today:  "Don't forget! Pick up a copy of the special edition of People Magazine (the Country Edition) for a code to get DRINKING SIDE OF COUNTRY for FREE via iTunes!"  And speaking of "Drinking Side of Country" , a kind Anon suggested that streaming that wild and rowdy video on CMT.com is a great way to let them know how we feel about it!  We agree--and a vote for Bucky and Shooter at GAC's Top 20 Country Countdown and CMT Pure's Pure 12 Pack is a sweet way to give them a thumbs-up, as well...

The weather's cooling down, but the music's hot!  We're talking about Bucky's new album Good Guys, of course-- get it for yourself (or a lucky friend) at Amazon, iTunes, the HelpTheGoodGuys.com store,  Bucky's official site, or at a store near you.  We'll see you soon!

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