Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Quick news: Bucky Covington at the Old Port Festival (video) and a few odds and ends...

Thanks to WPOR and Groff Video for sharing this seven-minute-plus video from this past weekend's Bucky Covington performance at the Old Port Festival in Portland, Maine. Bucky and Ducky Medlock harmonized on "A Different World" and "Back When We Were Gods" in this clip--enjoy! Bucky's full concert schedule is available at his official website.

Just a couple of quick notes to share this evening:

Bucky Covington shared this photo from yesterday's IAFF gathering in Memphis via Twitter today, along with some excellent news:  "Just announced - $2k raised for the IAFF Charitable Foundation with @HelpTheGoodGuys."  Bucky's Help The Good Guys Presents Bucky Covington fundraiser CD is available now (and packed with some killer new songs), and he'll be making more appearances this year as the charity's official spokesperson.

He and his band are on the road all summer long--the next stop is Saturday's free show at the Springs Spree in Colorado Springs.  After that, you'll definitely want to be there when they return to Wild Bills Atlanta on Friday, June 22nd. This'll be their third time performing at the venue, and a sold-out and very enthusiastic crowd is pretty much a given--don't miss out on this party!

A kind elf reminded us about Bucky's cameo in the excellent new Shooter Jennings video for "The Real Me", which was featured at The Boot yesterday evening.  (We dig Bucky and Shooter big time around here, so it's squarely in the "must-see" file...)

As always, you're invited to join us in applauding for "I Wanna Be That Feeling" at GAC's Top 20 Country CountdownCMT Pure's Pure 12 Pack and on your local country station's request line today and every day. We'll see you soon!

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