Friday, August 12, 2011

Fresh concert video: Bucky Covington's "I Wanna Be That Feeling" live in Dickson, and a few quick reminders...

Fresh from the very kind , here's Bucky Covington and company performing a beautiful acoustic version of his upcoming single, "I Wanna Be That Feeling", live in Dickson, TN. (Yep, I love this song!) Bucky and his fellow celebrities raised a total of over $95,000 for Craig Morgan's Billy's Place charity--huge thanks to all who helped make it possible.

Just a very quick reminder about today's show: Bucky Covington and his band will perform at the Gogebic County Fair in Ironwood, MI this evening at 7:30. Saturday's concert at the Memorial Park Amphitheater in Arcadia, WI is part of the Ashley for the Arts celebration, and according to this article in the Winona Daily News, proceeds from food and beverage sales at the event will benefit Ashley's Little Angels, a charity that provides Christmas toys and meals for the less fortunate.

Bucky's Twitter account has been busy lately--if you're not following him, be sure to do so and get the inside scoop on life on the road, and an occasional photo, as well. (Today's roadside snapshot was an eyebrow raiser!)

Finally, and slightly off-topic: As a decidedly underage (but deceptively tall) music fan hanging out in places I probably had no business being in, I had the pleasure of running into Jani Lane, who was a friend of a friend of a musician friend. He was kind, funny, terrifically gracious, more multitalented than he ever got credit for, and I know I'm not alone in saying how much he'll be missed.

Meet me at Buckytown USA for all this weekend's Bucky Covington news. Take care and have a great weekend, everyone!

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