Monday, August 29, 2011

Bucky Covington legal update: the rest of the story (charges dropped!)

Bucky Covington on stage at the Greeley Stampede in Greeley, Colorado; many thanks to Diver for the photo.

Just a very quick update on that grand theft story out of Ormond Beach a while back; we thought it sounded wacky, and it looks as though the Florida State Attorney General's office agrees. From Brian Mansfield's "Idol Chatter" blog at USA Today:
"The Florida State Attorney General's office has dismissed grand-theft charges against former American Idol finalist Bucky Covington stemming from an incident after a concert in Ormond Beach last month.

According to the State Attorney's office, "after a review of the information and evidence presented, the prosecutor determined that there was insufficient evidence to prove the charges against Mr. Covington beyond a reasonable doubt at trial."

Radio industry website has a bit more background:

The victim, WILLIAM FULLER, even contacted MUSIC NEWS NASHVILLE CEO DAN HARR to tell his side of the story. HARR said, “I had a feeling this guy was out to try and blackmail BUCKY. He made all kinds of wild claims that just didn’t make sense, nor would he provide any evidence or substantiated facts to try and back up his claims. He wanted me to print a story on ‘his side’ based solely on what he was telling me during two separate telephone conversations. What I believe, based on what I’ve been told by a number of sources, is that FULLER over-extended himself in his promotion of the event and couldn’t pay his bills so he tried to use this allegation to get out of paying BUCKY for performing.” (Edited to add a link to Music News Nashville.)

Thanks to all who helped--justice has been served, and now we can get back to what we do best--applauding and cheering Bucky Covington, Rocky Covington, their hardworking family and friends and a truly awesome band as they tour the country making fans happy. The next stop on that adventure happens tomorrow during the Alpena County Fair (625 S 11th Ave in Alpena, MI ) for WATZ's Listener Appreciation Night. Hope you can be there! More soon--W

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