Friday, August 19, 2011

Bucky Covington at Trinity Entertainment Complex (St Robert, MO) this weekend, and an update at MJ's..

Bucky Covington wears a fan-gifted lei on stage in Indiana; thanks to the generous Judy Lang for this fun shot.

Bucky Covington and his band have just one show this weekend, and it's a hot one indeed! Here's a final reminder about Saturday's 18-and-over concert at the Trinity Entertainment Complex in St. Robert, MO; advance tickets are $18 via, or $23 at the door.

MJ's Big Blog features a report today by Windmills about various country Idols--including Bucky--who are open to song pitches for upcoming projects. The info comes from RowFax, a subscriber-only publication, and while we're not sure if the new songs are headed for Bucky's upcoming album or a future collection, we're looking forward to every new tune he'll be singing...

Click here for Bucky's official concert schedule, and be sure to check out the sidebar at Buckytown USA, where our good friend Fran will have all this weekend's (and Monday's) news and views. Take care, everyone!

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