Thursday, August 09, 2007

Bucky Covington in the spotlight on the Lia show tonight...

It's about 7 p.m. ET, and the syndicated Lia radio show is beginning in many cities at this hour. Tune in tonight and enjoy Lia with her spotlight artist, Bucky Covington. If your local station doesn't carry the Lia show, check Radiotime for a list of stations and times, including streaming options. Have fun!--Winnie


  1. Okay, y'all--as you might ave guessed, my local radio station doesn't carry the Lia show and the streaming capacity on this Univac-era PC is just about gone.

    Lia's site lists Bucky as tonight's Spotlight Artist--since I haven't had the pleasure of hearing Lia's show, I'm not sure if that means a brief profile, an extra song, a pre-recorded interview...I'm curious! A friend who is listening now says that Jack Ingram was announced as the "guest" tonight.

    Feel free to post a recap or a quick description for those of us who are tech-stranded this evening--thanks!

  2. Anonymous4:53 PM

    I am still listening and well Jack spoke a bit before his song was one of those mini interviews DJs do...maybe she does a bunch of those...heck the woman has 5 hours to fill.....but I too have no idea what it means to be "spotlight artist"...but will find out since I am glued to the radio now. :D I like Lia's Bucky graphic:

  3. Thanks, Anon! Yep, five hours gives Lia plenty of time to work with...should be fun!

  4. Anonymous7:34 PM

    Bucky was delightful on the Lia Show!

    She played:
    "American Friday Night"
    "Carolina Blue"
    "A Different World"

    There were also several Lia/Bucky chit-chat sessions and 3 fan calls played on air.

    All just wonderful! :D

  5. Hey, Kasper--thank you so much! Sounds cool--and how awesome that those three songs got some national airtime. (Any lurking songwriters will know exactly why Bucky must have had a big smile about "Carolina Blue" in the spotlight...he's co-writer on that one.)

    And congratulations to the fans who were on the air tonight!

    Kasper, on behalf of those of us who couldn't hear this--thanks a bazillion. :)

  6. buckyflowers9:29 PM

    About 10 of us were at listening to Bucky on Lia. It was very interesting. He spoke of his great management team, about people coming out of the walls who claim to be related and about a guitar player/singer who cussed him out one night onstage because Bucky had not hired him. When he left the show he said Thank you so much, Sweetie to Lia who then told him to call her or come back and he responded, Ok, Babe!!
    There was a long discussion about how wonderful a thrill it is that people know his song ADW so well they sing it for him during his performances. It was fun..Lia is great!!

  7. Bucky is clearly having a good time with all this...well, maybe not with the guy who cussed him out! :) And from our end, I don't think he's got anything to worry about...the fans are definitely diggin' it. Thanks, Buckyflowers!

  8. Anonymous2:50 AM

    he also said tha teven with the great management team and song wouldnt have have made it without his fans! Keep requesting ya'll!