Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sunday news: 14 reasons to smile, free tickets tonight and more...

Bucky Covington chats with the crowd at his Hershey Park concert, May 2007; click here to enjoy a beautiful gallery of concert photos by our friend Pizzi. Bucky Covington's debut CD is in stores now, and his music video is available for online viewing at and Yahoo Music. You can buy Bucky's album at Amazon, Best Buy , iTunes and Target, hear the full version of his single "A Different World" at CMT and GAC, or enjoy samples of songs from the CD at Bucky's official MySpace. An autographed copy of Bucky Covington can be ordered while supplies last at his official site or via his official fan club.

We'll start off a beautiful Sunday with some excellent chart news--Bucky's moved up a notch to #14 on the Mediabase Top 500 and weighted listings this morning. Way to go, Bucky! (Huge thanks to Buckyflowers for the very kind heads-up. )

On the Top 500, the song at #13 is one of those mature hits making its way down the charts--our next mission, of course, is to make sure "A Different World" gets that soon-to-be-open space. So--sing along with me--request Bucky at your favorite local and streaming country stations, and we'll enjoy watching his rise to the Top Ten together. (Here's a helpful tip--did you know that many stations' "Top X at X" ballots allow for weekend voting? If your local country station does a weekday survey, take a moment to visit their site today. You could be in for a pleasant surprise...)

Speaking of station sites and pleasant surprises, here's a cool feature at, who are sponsoring Bucky's concert tonight at the Rodeo Club in San Jose. Click that link, and you can print up your own great-looking ticket for the free listener-appreciation show right from the page. The doors open at 7:00 p.m. local time, Bucky, Rocky, Shaun, Hans and Don will take the stage about 9:00, and there are line dance lessons before the show. (If you're going, please ask the "Dancing Cowboy" about those "Bible and the Belt" moves-- his blog is here and he sounds like an instuctor with a great sense of humor. Have fun, y'all!)

As for yesterday's show, we're hoping for some new additions to Kat Country 103's photo album this week, so stay tuned. And of course, we'll be on the lookout for recaps and fan photos from the show--if you have memories to share, please drop a note in comments. We'd love to hear from you!

And here are the daily video chart links--vote for Bucky at CMT's Pure 12-Pack and at GAC's Top Twenty, and you'll help to keep your TV beautiful.

(Finally, a question for everyone--honestly, could we be any more proud of Bucky Covington? Number One on CMT's Top Twenty Countdown this week, moving toward a Top Ten single, a well-reviewed, steady-selling, #1-debuting album chock full of beautifully sung potential hits, a coveted new-artist evening acoustic spot at CMA Fest--the list goes on and on. What a year it's been! It is so very good to be us...)

More soon!


  1. Anonymous9:12 AM

    So so proud of Bucky. While it's great fun to watch Different World move up the chart, I can't help but fantasize about the next single, what it's going to be and what kind of buzz it'll get.

    I'd give anything to be in San Jose tonight for the line dancing pre-show lessons. Sounds like a blast.

    Thanks again Buckymania for all you do. We Bucky fans are blessed to have you blogging for us.

  2. Anon, you are very sweet...thank you so much for stopping in here! (I love writing this blog.) And yes, you are right--"A Different World" is the first of many excellent singles Bucky's going to have on the charts, and I'm looking forward to seeing the new video and enjoying the next promo blitz too, even as his very first hit continues its upward climb. It's fun supporting this one now, and it'll be fun supporting his next chart topper. We've got some very good times ahead...

    San Jose is going to be a hoot--can't wait to hear about that show. "The Dancing Cowboy" sounds like a great guy to take line dance lessons from. Wonder if he's ready for the wild Bucky fan onslaught? ;)

  3. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Jeff Foxworthy on his countdown today talked about Bucky having the "last laugh" with his hit song. HOW COOL! :D

    I know I feel that way often related to me being a fan of the Bucky! :D Me gloat? heeheehee Naw! ;)

    Keep exceeding others expectations ever so well Bucky my man!!! :) We knew you had it in ya all along!

    ---Little Bucky Fan

  4. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Kix Brooks on his countdown today talked about "Willilam Joel Covington the third"....and how he was glad he went with Bucky to make it easier on him. hahaha __LBF

  5. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Bucky is gonna talk on Crook and Chase today. :D

    He sure gets to do more than his share of yakking on these countdowns compared to many other artists. LOVE IT!

  6. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Bucky chats with Crook and Chase on their coutdown today. He talks a bit about dinner with Kellie and getting that first call from Mark. Bucky is his usual delightful self. :)

    Oh and later C & C bring Bucky up again when the songwriter who wrote ADW scores another chart hit as writer with another artist. :D


  7. drosch4:08 PM

    Amen Winnie :) VERY good to be us!

    We want to keep throwing our full support behind THIS single.. then we can worry about the next one. I really want to see it hit top 10 and I really think we can do it!

    To give some ideas of how huge where we are now is..

    Kelly's RHH made it to #15

    Trent's One Wing in the Fire got to #11

    Jason Michael Carroll's Alyssa Lies made it to #5

    Sooo our requests are ever so important to keep THIS single climbing steady up the chart! :)