Sunday, June 03, 2007

Crook and Chase today...(and a new tour date)

A friend reports that she heard Bucky talking a bit on this week's Crook and Chase Countdown. From comments: "Bucky chats with Crook and Chase on their countdown today. He talks a bit about dinner with Kellie and getting that first call from Mark. Oh, and later C & C bring Bucky up again when the songwriter who wrote 'A Different World' scores another chart hit as writer with another artist." (Thanks, LBF--sounds like fun.) Check Radiotime for a local or streaming station carrying the show near you, and enjoy!

Edited to add a new tour date--Bucky Covington has been added to the lineup for the Big Spring Jam in Hunstville, Alabama, according to the Decatur Daily. The Jam runs Sept. 28-30, and more info is available at the festival's site. (Sign up for their newsletter, and you're entered in a drawing for weekend passes and much more.) Congratulations, mid-South Bucky fans, and thanks to the kind anonymous poster who shared the word in comments! More soon--Winnie


  1. Anonymous5:07 PM

    Okay in my last countdown report for this weekend...on the CMT Countdown with Lon Helton they have the Bucky intro his own song. :D ---LBF

  2. Anonymous5:24 PM
    another tour addition

  3. LBF, thanks..the countdowns must have been so much fun today! And Anon, I'll add that tour date to the post--lucky Decatur folks! Thank you for the heads-up. :)

  4. BunnyinAtlanta6:09 PM

    Decatur is only 4 hours from Atlanta. Can you say Road Trip~fantastic line up with Pat Green Jason ALdean, Taylor Swift and Rock section with Creedance!

  5. Bunny, you lucky lady! Have fun!