Sunday, June 03, 2007

First look at Sunday...

Full post a little later, but I wanted to share this good news from comments: "Bucky is interviewed on Bob Kingsley's countdown this weekend, hosted by a sub DJ named Smokie Rivers...Bucky talks about turning away from rock because he found country spoke to him more. (And because rock sometimes gave him a headache.)" Thanks, Kasper. More soon!--Winnie


  1. buckyflowers5:34 AM

    Bucky is #14 on mediabase Top 500 this morning!!

  2. BunnyinAtlanta6:46 AM

    yeah Buckyflowers! Thx for the headsup on mediabase. He passed Taylor Swift. Loving the seesaw but love it more when he is ahead of her. Head over to for the countdowns.

  3. Thank you so much, Buckyflowers (and hi there , Bunny! Bucky is on a roll, isn't he? :) Working on the Sunday post right now...lovely news to lead off with!

  4. Anonymous7:23 AM

    No 16 on Kingsley's countdown.