Friday, November 16, 2012

New interview at The Boot: Bucky Covington, "Drinking Side of Country" Will Help Sandy Heroes; Watertown show on Saturday, 11/17

Here are two rockin' country crowd-pleasers to get the weekend going in style--enjoy Bucky Covington and his band performing his hot new single "Drinking Side of Country" and a side order of "Keep Your Hands to Yourself" at the Columbia County Fair a little while ago.  Thanks again to Josh Bannen for posting this one at YouTube!

Bucky Covington and "Drinking Side of Country" were featured in this excellent interview at The Boot earlier today.  Bucky spoke to Vernell Hackett about his work with Help the Good Guys, and he explained how he and co-writers Rocky Covington and Ducky Medlock made the decision to donate all proceeds from the song until 12/31 to firefighters affected by Hurricane Sandy:

"When you saw a photo or video, in just about every one, there was a firefighter or two, grabbing someone or helping someone grab something," Bucky tells The Boot. "There were 2,000 firefighters who lost their personal homes in the hurricane, yet there they were, helping others.

"We had one million views of the video of that single, which
Shooter Jennings dueted with me on, so we decided that if you go on iTunes and download the song, every penny will go to the firefighters up north. Every time you spend that dollar, it goes straight to them. So, God bless my brother and Ducky Medlock, who wrote the song with us."

You can buy the song online at or iTunes--and be sure to let your local country station know you'd love to hear it on the airwaves, too!

Bucky Covington (with Rocky Covington on percussion) on stage in Hillsboro, KS; thanks again to the very generous Judy Lang for this classic shot.

Bucky's next live date happens tomorrow (Saturday, 11/17) at the  Stardust Drive-In Theater  in Watertown, TN, where he'll headline an afternoon benefit show brought to you by Music With a Purpose. The gates open at 10 am, and the concert gets underway at 12 pm.

We'll be back on Monday evening--or sooner, if news breaks over the weekend.  Until then, give Bucky a round of applause at GAC's Top 50 Videos of the Year and at CMT Pure's Pure 12 Pack, and have a beautiful night!


  1. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Pretty awesome gesture for the fire fighters. TY Bucky, Rocky, and Ducky :-)

  2. I agree, Anon! Pretty awesome, indeed. Thanks for stopping by!