Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving (and a little chart check...)

(We're thankful to for this fun video!)

Nashville's in holiday mode tonight, but we do have one excellent link to share this evening--WAVY's Reck on the Road featured Bucky Covington and Help The Good Guys in their feature video story on Monday's Recycled Ride presentation by Hall Automotive in Virginia Beach.   In it, you'll meet the firefighter who was honored that day, and you'll learn the surprising backstory about how the event came to be.  A must see!

There's also news to be thankful for on the chart front; Music Row's Country Breakout Chart lists Bucky and Shooter Jennings' "Drinking Side of Country" as this week's #56 song, up two from last week's #58.  Those request lines are open...when that turkey coma has worn off, feel free to give your local country station a call and ask for Bucky.

We'll be back with more news and updates on Bucky and company very soon--in the meantime, be sure to click those colorful video voting links at the top right of your screen (ahem), and have a safe, sweet and joyous Thanksgiving, everyone!