Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Very quick news: Bucky Covington at Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville August 11th, and a Hollywood Reporter interview...

Image via Bucky Covington at Twitter, with thanks.

Here's a newly-added event you won't want to miss!  Bucky Covington will get behind the wheel of a Legends car at the Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville on Saturday, August 11th, when he'll join Help the Good Guys in raising funds for injured firefighters.  Bucky will be available for autographs and photos at 4, and the concert gets underway about 4:30.

Bucky's upcoming video for "Drinking Side of Country" involves some automotive motifs as well, and in this interview at the Hollywood Reporter, Bucky spoke about his upcoming album Good Guys, the joy of working with Shooter Jennings, his friendship with Kellie Pickler and much more.  A must-read!

GAC's Top 20 Country Countdown and CMT Pure's Pure 12 Pack are lookin' for a few (or a few thousand) good voters, so give Bucky's "I Wanna Be That Feeling" a big boost by clicking those links.  We'll be back ASAP--stay cool, everyone!

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