Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Bucky Covington concert date, Knoxville tonight, and an interview at Our Stage...

 Many thanks to our exceedingly talented friend Judy Lang for this photo of Bucky Covington (with Kevin Wood and Scott Tweten) on stage in Germantown, IL.  Click here to browse Bucky's concert schedule at his official site.

Bucky Covington had a frank and fascinating conversation with Our Stage's Nancy Dunham, in which he spoke of his label change, his (excellent) stage show and the song selection process for his upcoming album:

A lot of times songwriters send songs to the label and the [label representatives] listen to all the music and narrow it down. They have you listen to [what they select] so you might hear two songs. They’re trying to make our lives easier.  I said, "I don’t need all of you to do that."  So I called [the representative], went to his house and sat down and listened to everything. Absolutely everything. That is how I found my new single  "I Wanna Be That Feeling."

This interview is an unusual glimpse into Bucky's musical (and music-business) experiences and new perspectives--and if you're a longtime fan of Bucky's, you'll definitely appreciate the thoughtful questions and answers...

Bucky's current single is a highlight of that excellent live show, of course, and a new chance to enjoy Bucky and his band live is on the horizon this autumn.  His official site is showing an IAFF event on October 13th at the Ford Center in Evansville, IN, and as soon as more details come in, we'll have 'em for you right here.  Tonight, Bucky and company are the stars of the Cotton Eyed Joe Customer Appreciation Party & Free Concert in Knoxville, TN--if you're anywhere nearby, get on over there and pack the house!

As for "I Wanna Be That Feeling"--yep, it's still hot and still up for video votes and radio requests at your favorite country station!  Bucky and his band have been working hard to support this song on the road, and it's our pleasure as fans to support it, as well.  Give him a round of applause at GAC's Top 20 Country Countdown and  CMT Pure's Pure 12 Pack--the more of Bucky's music on the radio and the telly, the better.  Have a great night--see you soon!

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