Thursday, April 19, 2012

Watch Bucky Covington live from the Spartan Motors booth at FDIC (1:00 pm ET)

Live streaming by Ustream

Bucky Covington just tweeted this welcome message: "I will be performing LIVE from the Spartan Motors booth at FDIC TODAY to support HTGG. Watch the streaming video at

Bucky took the stage for the first time at about 1 pm, with Ducky Medlock singing splendid harmony. (Updated: It's over now, but click that arrow above and you'll be able to see this afternoon's happenings.)


  1. Anonymous11:46 AM

    That was so unexpected and fun to have a Bucky mini-concert in the middle of the afternoon! :)
    Laura (Laurianne)

  2. Hi, Laura--you're so right! What a treat--surprised the heck out of me to see his tweet about the live stream! Glad you were able to see it, and take care--W

  3. Anonymous5:36 PM

    How wonderful that you can see it anytime! I am at a Bucky concert in my living room. Wahoo.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you tweet that you can see it now on your blog?

  4. buckaholic5:52 PM

    I went down there to see them yesterday only to find out they were performing today. Didn't get to make it back so glad I got the tweet to watch it!!!

  5. Hey, Anon and Buckaholic! So glad that Bucky tweeted about the stream...had no idea they were going to do that, but it's terrific that we got a chance to see it! (And Buckaholic, I wish you had been able to get there today, too--sigh.)

    Anon, I didn't tweet about the UStream recording up there, but that's a good idea--maybe I will! :)

  6. Bobby Joe7:16 AM

    Sorry I missed it live but glad it was available for replay. Been a while since I caught a Bucky performance. Reminded me of the old conference call days.

  7. Hi, Bobby Joe! Yep, it reminded me of those conference calls, too. (And the Sirius "party", and a few surprise streams and such from back in the day.) Hoping that the release of the new album means lots more fun along these lines. Thanks for stopping in!