Friday, December 02, 2011

Concert memories: Bucky Covington on stage in Kansas City, and a Saturday night party...

Huge thanks to the very kind Rachel for this fresh and terrific shot from last night's concert in Kansas City--here's Bucky Covington and Casey James on stage at the Beaumont Club during The WOLF's Acoustic Christmas Concert. Click here for Bucky's official concert list, and stay tuned--it's going to be a busy 2012!

Bucky Covington, Gloriana, James Wesley and Casey James were a big hit for a good cause at the Beaumont Club in Kansas City last night--they helped sponsor station 106.5 The WOLF collect toys for needy local children, and rocked a big and happy crowd in the process. (We'd call that a win-win.) Rachel was there, and she shared this memory from the show: "The lineup was Gloriana, Bucky, James Wesley, and Casey James. This is how they were lined up on the stage from left to right, if you were facing the stage. It was an acoustic show, so from Bucky’s group, it was Bucky and Luke. Bucky kept referring to Luke as Jason Michael Carroll and it was pretty funny." Thanks, Rachel! Keep an eye out for a recap on Glenda's excellent Caseymania blog, as well. (We'll leave a link to The WOLF's photo gallery right here, just in case it's updated over the weekend...)

Your next chance to create a Bucky Covington concert memory of your own happens tomorrow at the Twisted Spoke Saloon in Tremont, IL, with Bucky and his band and opening performer Weston Burt. You'll find the Twisted Spoke at 105 South Baer Rd. in Tremont, and 93.7 River Country is the station to listen to while you're getting ready to go...

We'll leave you with a very cool video souvenir from the Beaumont; here's a fun rendition of "Folsom Prison Blues" by all the stars of yesterday's acoustic show. Thanks to cmb7869 for posting this one on YouTube. We'll meet you over at the beautiful Buckytown USA blog for Fran's Saturday, Sunday and Monday morning news, and we'll see you back here again on Monday evening. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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