Friday, November 04, 2011

Early morning audio: Bucky Covington talks with WQYK...

Rocky Covington (at left) and Bucky Covington on stage in Kansas; many thanks to Judy Lang for the terrific photo. Bucky and his band return to Kansas on December 1st for 106-5 The Wolf's Acoustic Christmas; click here for more information.

Here's a short, sweet treat from WQYK's Steve Austin--he talked to Bucky Covington yesterday about Bucky's new eOne single (cool tidbit--the video for "I Wanna Be That Feeling" was shot at the same penitentiary where The Green Mile was filmed) and about tonight's big show at The Round Up in Tampa.

Listen to the podcast here, and if you're in town be sure to head on out to the party! It's a wild event for a worthwhile cause--all proceeds benefit St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. More details are available at WQYK. See you later today--W

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