Monday, September 12, 2011

Tonight! Bucky Covington live at the Recher in Towson, MD, State Theatre (Starkville) concert update and more...

A short, sweet Maryland memory, courtesy of the kind rlmisty at YouTube--here's Bucky Covington, Jeff Cease, Ducky Medlock and some of the happy crowd singing "Gotta Be Somebody" in Baltimore. Bucky returns to Maryland tonight; see the post for details, and check out his official site and Buckytown USA to see when he'll be performing in your hometown.

Another stop on the Hometown Tour tonight, and this one's bound to be a party! Catch Bucky Covington and his band at the the Recher Theatre in Towson, MD this evening--the openers are Mason Vixon, the event is all-ages, and the directions to the venue are right here.

Over the weekend, Bucky helped brighten the day for a very special audience. His show at the 2011 Family Day picnic at Andrews AFB was a hit, according to the 459th Air Refueling Wing's Facebook page. They graciously shared a shot from Bucky's set, and you can enjoy it here. Thanks and gratitude to all who serve!

Bucky shared a sweet photo as well, via his official Twitter--here's a look at the pretty harbor view from his night out in Baltimore.

Bucky Covington and Rocky Covington harmonize in Jacksonville --thanks to Diver for graciously sharing this shot.

Also via Twitter, the State Theater in Starkville, MS just sent out a message about that rumored October 21st Bucky Covington show--looks like it might be more than a rumor, folks! This concert date is still unconfirmed (Update: Confirmed and now listed on Bucky's official tour page--have fun, Bucky's fans in and around Starkville!)

Last but very definitely not least, between that eOne-related Tweet we reported on back in July and Bucky's new label comments in this excellent Angela Henderson Herald-Dispatch interview last week, there's been some genuine positive buzz. Country Music Is Love and MJ's Big Blog are among those who shared the welcome news; an official acknowledgement of his label signing should be coming over the wires soon. (Anyone else reminded of that long wait back in '06? Good things come, etc...and then, as now, it's a safe bet that our patience will be rewarded with some fantastic country hits.) Congrats again to Bucky!

We'll be back ASAP--take care, everybody...

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