Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday musings: Bucky Covington in Louisville today, new likely concert dates (via Buckytown) and more...

In honor of Bucky Covington's day in Kentucky, here's a fantastic vintage concert montage by the multi-talented (that's an understatement) Buckymouse--enjoy Bucky and his band performing "Thank God for You" and "Ol' Kentuck" live and loud. Major thanks to Buckymouse for sharing her splendid video expertise! Bucky's remaining confirmed concert dates are here--bookmark that page, and be sure to see him live when he and his band come to your hometown.

First things first--our good friend Fran at Buckytown USA posted some likely Bucky Covington concert dates over the weekend, and they're well worth noting. Look for confirmation of live stops in Olney, IL (11/11); Jacksonville, IL (11/12) and San Diego, CA (12 9 & 10) in the weeks ahead...

One confirmed appearance is happening even as we speak; Bucky and many other celebrities are taking part in today's On the Course for Kids charity event in Louisville, KY. Head over here for last minute info, and help the Home of the Innocents tonight!

Ducky Medlock and Bucky Covington harmonized on stage in Portsmouth; many thanks to the very kind Misfit42 for the photo.

Upcoming live shows include an October 1st date at the Breathitt Heritage Fair in Jackson, KY, an unconfirmed (but likely) October 8th concert at the Snorty Horse Saloon in Columbia, MO, and that October 21st party at the State Theater in Starkville, MS (tickets available online now at TicketBiscuit).

Finally, we'll join Fran in looking forward to some fun chartwatching when Bucky's next single is officially released! We're told that "I Wanna Be That Feeling" will be gracing our radio airwaves in a little while. Can't wait! In the meantime (and you knew this was coming!) feel free to request Bucky's previous hits at your local country station and let them know you love hearing him on the radio. Have a great day!

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