Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekend starters: A belated happy birthday to Mrs. Gates, and a photo from Bucky Covington via Twitter...

First and foremost, we'd like to wish Bucky and Rocky Covington's mother, Debbie Gates, a very belated and very happy birthday! Hope it was wonderful...

Famed photographer Kristin Barlowe created this classic portrait of Bucky Covington for his first album's promo; yesterday, Bucky shared an image from a brand new photo shoot, and we're delighted to see this winning team working together again! (Click the image to see Bucky's latest Twitter photo.)

Bucky Covington's
second album is slated for an early 2012 release, word has it--and it looks as though there are fresh promo photos in the works, as well. Bucky tweeted a link to this image from a photo session by award-winning video director/photographer Kristen Barlowe, and we can't wait to see the rest of the good stuff from the shoot!

If you'd like to get your own personal Bucky Covington concert photo, your next opportunity happens at the National Man Expo in Aberdeen, MD; scroll down to our previous post for a few details on Sunday afternoon's concert, and click here to check out Bucky's official site. Our good bud Fran at Buckytown USA will have this weekend's news posted in fine style on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, and be sure to browse her awesome tour sidebar for up-to-the- minute information! We'll see you very soon; until then, have a beautiful Friday--W

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