Friday, July 29, 2011

Weekend wrap-up: Bucky Covington speaks out, Six Flags concert fun, Opry August 5th and more...

Just in: Bucky Covington's official tour page is sporting a new concert date--see and hear Bucky at the Grand Ole Opry on August 5th. Head on over to for tickets and info. This video from one of Bucky's excellent previous Opry performances was posted at YouTube by Lyric Street--many thanks.

The only thing more fun than a summer day at Six Flags is a summer day at Six Flags with a Bucky Covington concert included--so come on along for the ride! Bucky and his band will play Six Flags over Texas on Saturday, June 30th as part of the Starburst® Summer Concert Series; tickets are free with park admission or a Season Pass.

Another Opry memory: Bucky Covington in 2007. (Photo © 2007 Grand Ole Opry; photo by Billy Kingsley, Hollo Photographics.)

Bucky's been in the news lately, and thankfully, he's been able to have his say about this past weekend's story at The Boot and at CMT. You'll find a lot of supportive comments (along with a few naysayers and a bit of spam), and if you'd like to show him some support at two sites that are read by the wider country music community, there's your chance to be heard.

(For the record, here's what I had to say in both places and in that tl;dr editorial post a few days ago: Bucky and his family are good folks who have worked far too hard to make a name for themselves in country music to even think of putting the career they love in peril; I believe him when he says the charges are false; and I really, really, really hope the resolution of this case and Bucky's upcoming new music get as much media coverage as this crazy-sounding story has gotten. That's about it. )

Meet me at Buckytown USA for Saturday, Sunday and Monday's Bucky Covington news, and have a beautiful weekend, everyone!

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