Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fresh Bucky Covington concert photos--get 'em while they're hot!

Click the image to visit Pizzi's great gallery of photos from the Bottle and Cork concert.  Thanks, Pizzi! Bucky Covington on stage at the Bottle & Cork in Dewey Beach, 8/12; photo by the very kind Pizzi. Click the image to visit her gallery, and read on for a fun snippet from her recap of the show. Thanks, Pizzi!

The Concert Roundup will be a wee bit delayed tonight, but here are some delightful visual aids for all those who'd love to get a glimpse of what a Bucky Covington raveup looks like. Our friend Pizzi was on hand for Bucky's Dewey Beach show at the Bottle & Cork last weekend, and she shares her gorgeous shots from the show here.

And Happydays had a fabulous night at Bucky's show in State College on Saturday--her Photobucket album is behind this link, and it's stunning. Many thanks to both talented photographers for sharing the fun! Enjoy the photos--and if you'd like to enjoy a concert live, click here for tour dates.

Edited to add some of Pizzi's fun Bottle & Cork memories:

Wow, that was great, I was right there. We were right under his mic. I got some great pics. [Bucky] really commands the stage, he works the crowd nicely. Of course he and Rocky go back forth and work well together. He doesn’t stay put. Chatting about AI and Sawyer Brown and [Mark Miller's] leg swing dance...sorry I didn’t get a shot of that.

He has some great moves. The show was just awesome. My cousin is a Bucky Fan now. She loves Rocky too.

Thanks for sharing your great time and your beautiful images, Pizzi! More coming up in a bit--Winnie


  1. Anonymous8:25 PM

    R&R still at #6

    Canadian R&R #39 with a bullet

    Im not comparing but for some reason Kellie had dropped right off R&R. Kinda fast eh


  2. Beesims9:49 PM

    Fabulous concert photos from Happy and Pizzi. I need to get a new camera.My shots of the Bottle & Cork show stink.

    *small observation* - Did you ever notice that in addition to having the most amazing hair that Bucky has beautiful skin too? You can really tell from some of those close-up photos

  3. Oh, Beesims, take heart--even if you were using a pinhole box camera, you've taken better concert photos than I have. :) I agree--Pizzi and Happy got some beautiful images!

    And Bucky is definitely a radiant guy these days--gotta agree with you there, too. :)

    Marzy, thank you for the R&R update! Not sure why Kellie's single dropped...I will always think that "I Wonder" was more popular than the airplay charts showed. And congratulations to Bucky's Canadian fans--#39 with a bullet is very cool!

  4. Ladies - I only took good pictures because of the speciman of hotness (as you call it). He has good everything... hair, skin, nose.. smile... and Winnie you know my fav...
    At little shy on the but.. I can surely transfer some of mine over if he'd like. I have extra...

  5. LOL, Pizzi! It took me a moment to realize what you meant, but I cannot stop laughing now! :)

    Oh my...

    Ahem. Your pictures are truly wonderful, and between your photographic talent and a great subject, you've got a winner. Concert photos seem like they'd be easy to take, but they're not. (Ask me how I know...sigh.) You really got some terrific shots--thanks for capturing the day!