Saturday, August 11, 2007

Conference call info (and a great recap too!)

Just a reminder about tonight's conference call--Hildi is graciously hosting a call from Bucky Covington's concert tonight at the State Theatre in State College, Pennsylvania. The show is scheduled to begin about 8 p.m. ET; for the exact time to call in, check the the Road sub-forum at the official fan club boards if you're a member. If you're not, try the Bucky Covington fan thread at or Moosak (click Bucky's name) for more info on starting and ending times for the call. The call should last about 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Thanks again to Hildi and her helpers for sharing the fun!

And if you'd like a peek into last night's fun, Kathy of Team Covington has a terrific recap and a big photo album from yesterday's Belpre Homecoming concert. Major thanks to Kathy for a wonderful look into a great night of music!

Finally, we'll squeeze our Saturday night reminder in, since it's evening here on the East Coast-- time for those excellent syndicated country radio shows to put the beat into your weekend fun. If you'd like Bucky's single to be a part of your Saturday night drive, be sure to request "A Different World" before you head out the door. Chances are good that either Lia, The Big Time with Whitney Allen, Danny Wright All Night or the Bo Reynolds Show are playing on your local country station now, or will be very soon--their sites all have handy contact information, and their shows reach the whole country. Let them know you're listening!

Running out the door now--see you very late tonight/early Sunday. Have an awesome Saturday night!

(Edited at midnight Sunday--looks like Bucky was on The Big Time with Whitney Allen on Saturday night, as noted in comments--you might still be able to catch the show from the West Coast at this hour. There's a stream in progress at KSKS in California now. Check Radiotime or consult the show's station finder for more options. Thanks to a kind anonymous commenter for the tip!)


  1. Anonymous8:08 PM

    I wrote Whitney to play Bucky and she emailed me right back and said Bucky was going to be on tonight and if I could listen. So I am live streaming my local station that carries Whitney. On her website it has Bucky as the WEEkend Guest on her show:
    He's on the show tonight.
    Are you able to listen?

  2. Anonymous8:37 PM

    Did you listen from beginning in your timezone Anom 8:08? I am listening last 2 hours and half which means I missed the first half....did I miss Bucky or not? Thanks for the information.

  3. Thanks Anon! I got in too late to put that out front for the East Coast people, but I hope a lot of folks saw your comment. Bet it was a fun segment!

  4. Anonymous10:35 PM

    Psst....for anyone who missed it...check The Truck Stop in the morning.

    Whitney says Bucky is her kind of man....he makes her "swoon." Hmm...can anyone identify? hahaha

    Bucky calls her live. :D