Monday, August 20, 2007

Bucky Covington at Grüvr...

Another cool web app for the ages, y'all! Grüvr is a great way to keep up with Bucky Covington's tour. The site features a big animated map that shows exactly how his musical caravan is zig-zagging across the US as summer turns into fall. (The dates listed are the ones on Bucky's official MySpace; there may be a few unlisted shows popping up soon, and we'll post info about those as soon as it becomes available.)

Click one of the red musical notes on the map for a link with the date and the show venue; click the venue name to go to a map of the area, or scroll down for a list of shows with the one nearest you marked "Closest" in big red letters. You can also sign up for an email alert, and Grüvr will let you know when Bucky's playing a gig near you. Look for a Grüvr link in the sidebar under the Tour Info heading later tonight. Have fun! More in a bit--Winnie


  1. buckyballs8:37 PM

    this gruvr is the coolest thing I think I've seen..

    I set it up to tell me if bucky plays up here near boston otherwise id never know. then I went on and set it to watch every other band I like.


  2. buckyballs8:40 PM

    idea --why dont you put up one of those mini gruvr maps on bucky's myspace or on this blog

  3. Hi there! (From your creative handle, I'm assuming you're a fan of Buckminster Fuller, too? ;) Thanks for stopping in, and yep, Gruvr is really fantastic! I have some tech limitations here so the mini map isn't an option, unfortunately. But I agree, it would make a great site enhancement at MySpace or elsewhere...

  4. buckyballs4:18 PM

    very funny!

    No, you should probably know that buckyballs are actually a form of carbon offically named Fullerene - from wikipedia:

    The fullerenes, discovered in 1985 by researchers at the University of Sussex and Rice University, are a family of carbon allotropes named after Richard Buckminster Fuller and are sometimes called buckyballs. They are molecules composed entirely of carbon, in the form of a hollow sphere, ellipsoid, or tube. Cylindrical fullerenes are called carbon nanotubes or buckytubes. Fullerenes are similar in structure to graphite, which is composed of a sheet of linked hexagonal rings, but they contain also pentagonal (or sometimes heptagonal) rings that prevent the sheet from being planar.

    Now isn't that COOL??

    I bet if you made a T-shirt with the diagram for buckyballs chemical structure, you wouldnt even have to label it for it to become a wildly popular inside joke among bucky fans :-)


  5. I'd love to see that shirt, too! Hmmm... :)

  6. buckyballs5:41 PM

    you can go to a site like cafe express and create one for no cost, then put up a link and sell them -- all you do is upload the design, which in this case would be one or two fullerene diagrams and maybe bucky's face lol.

  7. buckyballs5:46 PM

    oh loookee

    you can already get buckyballs tshirts, mouse pads, mugs - everything!

    buckyballs merchandise

  8. Ahhh...that is one elegant-looking chemical structure, indeed. Thanks for the link!

    There's probably a whole subset of Bucky Covington/Bucky Fuller fans out here that are going to be scientifically stylin' at the next show... ;)