Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Saturday night reminder...

Head over to Bucky Covington's official MySpace blog for details on how you could win an autographed photo just for doing what you're doing anyway... requesting "A Different World". Have a great Saturday night!

It's evening here on the East Coast-- time for those great syndicated country radio shows to put the beat into your weekend fun. If you'd like Bucky's single to be a part of your Saturday night drive, be sure to request "A Different World" before you head out the door. Chances are good that either Lia, The Big Time with Whitney Allen, Danny Wright All Night or the Bo Reynolds Show are playing on your local country station now, or will be very soon--their sites all have handy contact information, and their shows reach the whole country. Let them know you're listening!

And another reminder: Bucky's video for "A Different World" is currently in the running to kick off the next broadcast of CMT's Power Picks. Click here to go directly to the Power Picks main page and vote for Bucky now. The winning video in this weekend's voting will be shown Monday at 12 noon ET on CMT, and the voting is in progress all weekend long. See you soon!--Winnie


  1. Anonymous6:11 PM

    Oh Bucky in that blue shirt with the rose is breathtaking. Gorgeous! :P...

  2. Anonymous4:47 AM

    673 spin increase!!!! WOW

  3. Hello, Anon and Anon! :)

    That spin increase is amazing--the song has definitely caught fire! I love it. :)

    And Anon 6:11, I like that shot too. He wears that shirt well!