Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fox & Friends update--the plaza show has been moved indoors

Word just came in that Bucky's live performance on Fox & Friends tomorrow morning, originally scheduled for the Fox News plaza outdoors, has been moved inside the studios due to a rainy Friday forecast. There will be no live audience for tomorrow's show, so the plaza will be empty (and wet) on Friday morning--however, we'll all still be able to enjoy him live on the Fox News Channel from the comfort of home, in front of the good old tube. Here's hoping he'll be able to hit that plaza in the sunshine on a future visit to the show!--Winnie


  1. Beesims2:45 PM

    Boo hiss! Talk about raining on someone's parade. I was all set to get up bright and early to enjoy a little Bucky concert in the city. Oh well, at least I'll have it on my DVR.

  2. Sigh--you know, I tried to look at the bright side, but still...bummer. I was so hoping that the combo of you, Bucky and your camera (I'm bad, I admit it) would close the week in style. Next time for sure!

  3. Ladies - I wasn't able to go, so maybe it's softens my disappointed a little, sorry for you Beesims...
    My daughter was begging my husband to take them to camp, so I can go to see Bucky, but he leaves too early, it just wasn't feasible. But it was the cutest thing. Mommy wants to see Bucky, daddy... pleasee...

  4. That is so sweet--your daughter sounds adorable. :)