Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sunday news: Hershey's kisses, reruns and more...

Bucky Covington onstage at the Whiskey Roadhouse in Council Bluffs last month; photo by the very kind Rachel, who was on hand to enjoy the show. (Thanks again, Rachel!) Bucky Covington's debut CD is in stores now, and his music video is available for online viewing at and Yahoo Music. You can buy Bucky's album at Amazon, Best Buy , iTunes and Target, hear the full version of his single "A Different World" at CMT and GAC, preview his entire CD at Clear Channel Music, or enjoy samples of songs from the CD at Bucky's official MySpace. An autographed copy of Bucky Covington can be ordered while supplies last at his official site or via his official fan club.

(Edited to add a wonderful recap of Bucky's show with Kenny Rogers in Roanaoke earlier this week, courtesy of the very kind Happydays; scroll to the end of the post, and enjoy...)

Today, Bucky Covington plays two shows at the Hershey Park Ampitheatre in Hershey, Pennsylvania; the park is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, and what could be sweeter (pun intended) than chocolate, rides and some great country music to top it all off? Many of Bucky's camera-toting fans will be there for one or both shows; we'll look for recaps and photos from this one and from and from last night's Harrah's concert, too. The next few days should be full of images and memories--stay tuned!

And if memories are your thing, you'll enjoy today's reruns on CMT--Bucky's visit to Hazel Smith's kitchen on Southern Fried Flicks was a flurry of food, fun and some sweet Southern-fried endearments. (We're wondering if Bucky actually took that nap after all the tasty treats Hazel served up that afternoon...) You can catch the movie again at 3:00 p.m. ET on CMT; Bucky's first appearance comes about an hour and forty-five minutes into the show, so hang on tight--he'll be there. (He'll also pop up on today's CMT Insider rerun; look for it at 11:00 a.m. ET.)

The rerun theme keeps going with today's chart news, which sounds a lot like yesterday's chart news. Bucky's single "A Different World" is still looking lovely at #19 on the Sunday a.m. Mediabase weighted chart and #20 on the Top 500. (We can give it a little push upstairs for next week--request Bucky at your local country station and see what happens...)

And we'll close this quiet Sunday post with the usual voting links: hop on over to CMT's Pure Country Pure 12-Pack countdown and GAC's Top Twenty Country Countdown and give Bucky a well deserved boost.

(Edited at 12:50 p.m.--Here's an bonus item you're sure to love! Happydays has graciously shared her fantastic evening at the Salem Civic Center with Bucky, Kenny Rogers and Linda Davis:)

The show started with the local DJ making a short speech and he mentioned Bucky but it was actually the band walking out and I think the crowd at that point thought Rocky was Bucky and cheered a nice welcome. Rocky had on a dark blue shirt, hair back, looking pretty buff. THEN... he announced the "real Bucky" to very, very loud cheers. Bucky had on dark rusty shirt with gold imprint on the back...and jeans and AMAZING hair. The fluffiest I have seen it lately. He started with "Hometown" and the whole end of the front row was singing along. The crowd loved it.

2nd was "Its Good to be Us" and there was great reception from the audience on that. Next was "Different World" before he sang it, he thanked everyone for helping to make it into a succesful spot in the Top 20. Lots of the audience was singing with him on that one. "Back When We Were Gods" was 4th. Then he raised the tempo in the audience by asking if there were any Elvis fans in the place. Immediate crowd cheers and screams...and he was totally awesome on "Suspicious Minds." At one point I turned to look at the row behind me and it was nice to see all the men getting into it and not just the females. It's hard to decide what the crowd favorite was between "ADW" and "SM".

Bucky closed with "I'm Good" and that was also greatly appreciated by the crowd. I wish the set had been longer but Bucky's voice was very strong tonight! BTW, Kenny R was great also and Linda Davis was gorgeous and I love her voice.

Thanks so much to Happydays for the fun recap! Bucky, Rocky and the band might be coming your way this spring or summer--check out the list of tour dates at his official site. (There's nothing like a live Bucky Covington show, y'all--I speak from experience. Hope you'll get a chance to experience it too...)

More later...come on back!--Winnie


  1. Excellent! Goodies to check out! I am still taking it easy today and will be back in the swing of things tomorrow! I loved him on Hazel's show last night! Although... what is wrong with that can you not like cheese??? lol

  2. Well he get my vote

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  4. Hey, Kathy! We miss you--be good to yourself and take it easy and I can't wait to see what you'll be up to soon! And that was the funniest thing...macaroni with no cheese! Hazel and Bucky were so much fun--hope they do it again.

    And hi to Xigre and Napastak! Thanks for stopping in.

  5. BunnyinAtlanta12:14 PM

    Winnie, watching GAC while typing my recap for Harrah's and GAC had ad on during last years CMA rerun and a commercial came on for this years. ...and they mentioned several artists..."____, ____, Bucky Covington and more"! Love it that GAC had him in the ad. Too bad I was not looking at TV when it popped on.

  6. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Ad for what?