Sunday, May 06, 2007

A rave recap from Harrah's...

Our friend Happydays was on hand for Bucky's show at Harrah's Cherokee Casino last night--she shared her memories of what turned out to be a packed-house, big-scale, unforgettably exciting concert. Enjoy her recap!

The sold out arena held 1400, and the manager said he could have sold 1000 more tickets. Cherokeee and the gambling visitors loved Bucky. The stage was the biggest I have seen since the Gaylord and Gwinnett AI shows. I am talking HUGE! With just Bucky, Rocky, Don aka Ducky, Shaun and Hans, the band looked a little small, but there were two enormous video screens on either end of the stage for your viewing pleasure. They were shooting video feed from both sides and sometimes during the show, they had double images which were so cool.

Anyway, when the curtain opened to a full-blown show and the band started, you were in for a full-blown production show. The crowd was the most receptive I have seen yet, especially the busload of 54 people from Rockingham who were rowdy (in a good way). Bucky started out with "Empty Handed" which also helped to rev up the packed house. I cannot remember in what order he sang what but it was a long, wonderful show. He sang every song off of the album except for "Bible and the Belt" and "Aint No Thang". There was also, "Sweet Home Alabama", Suspicious Minds, and another song. The good news is that he did not stay glued to the mike stand on some of the fast songs and lost the guitar which enabled him to run all over the stage and dance, bounce , jump and scoot around...the crowd really likes it when he puts on a moving show. All in all, IT WAS THE BEST YET.

Huge thanks to Happydays for the awesome review--sounds like it was a night to remember for Bucky and the crowd!