Thursday, May 31, 2007

CMT Top 20 Countdown: Number One, baby!

Just in from Lyric Street:

Nashville, TN
: Bucky Covington's star continues to rise as this week the video for his debut single "A Different World" reaches the #1 spot atop CMT's Top 20 Video Countdown. Also this week, the video returns to the top of CMT’s fan-voted online Pure Country playlist, where it debuted at #1 in March of this year.

The American Idol Season 5 finalist is fast establishing himself as country music's hottest new artist, having sold in excess of 140,000 copies of his self-titled debut CD since its release last month. Bucky Covington debuted at #1 on Nielsen SoundScan's Country Top 75 Chart on April 25th with not only 2007's biggest debut from a new country artist, but also the best first week sales and highest Top 200 debut for any new male country artist since Billy Ray Cyrus in 1992.

Next week, Covington will guest on ABC-TV's Good Morning America on June 7th when the program broadcasts from Nashville for the CMA Music Festival kickoff. Covington will join GMA Weather Anchor Sam Champion for a live report from the rooftop patio of Nashville's Graham Central Station, overlooking the Festival's concert venues. Covington will mark his first-ever appearance at the CMA Music Fest with two live performances: he will perform a full-band set from the Daytime Stage at Riverfront Park on June 7th, and on the 8th he will perform an acoustic set from the stage of LP Field, home of the nightly concerts.

After Music Fest, Covington hits the road for a summer of non-stop touring, including several shows opening for Sawyer Brown. SB frontman Mark Miller teamed up with Dale Oliver to produce his debut album, Bucky Covington.

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Congratulations, Bucky! More later today--Winnie


  1. BunnyinAtlanta3:45 PM

    WOW #1 on CMT (the one on basic cable) WAY TO GO BUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this is marvelous achievement. Now if he held on to #1 on 12 pack and enough of us voted DAILY on GAC, maybe he could have a sweep this week.

  2. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Lyric Street sound proud of Bucky. I am so happy he signed with them.

  3. Big Bucky Fan4:51 PM


    I hardly ever listen to the radio, and I mean HARDLY EVER and usually just play CDs. Today, for some reason, I turned on the radio as background while I did some spring cleaning.

    On a whim, I turned it to a country station. I SWEAR that within 3 minutes after I had turned on the radio, I hear the opening strains to A Different World!! I was both amazed and happy, because what are the odds?

    My spring cleaning got off to an AWESOME start!! I then proceeded to go ahead and pop Bucky's CD in the player, because WHY would I want to listen to anyone else ya'll?!!

  4. Hey, all! Bunny, two out of three is sounding pretty sweet, and I just feel that #1 at GAC is going to happen, too. A sweep would rock...

    Anon, I agree--Lyric Street and Bucky have definitely been a winning combo. The really do sound proud of him in that press release--and they have reason to be.

    Big Bucky Fan, hi and what a great soundtrack for spring cleaning! I know what you mean about that great feeling when you're just listening to the radio and--there's Bucky. :) Happened to me the other day and I just had to smile. Love hearing him on the airwaves.

  5. Anonymous11:45 PM

    Cute photo of the Bucky in the new Country Weekly. They snapped him holding a glass at the wine event. :D --Kasper

  6. Anonymous11:57 PM

    a little birdie told me that "bible and the belt" and "american friday night" are the two possibilities for the next single release, and that the latter may get the nod as it is a catchy, summertime sounding release. i'm not anonymous, i'm unknown!

  7. Anonymous3:40 AM

    What is your source? Little birdy does not count!

  8. Hey there! Kasper, hi and thanks so much for the heads-up on Country Weekly--will definitely take a peek at Bucky Covington, merlot lover. :) And unknown, if you're the "unknown" I'm thinking of, mucho thanks for stopping by! I'm a little partial to "Bible and the Belt", but I love both those choices--either one could do the trick on the charts. Good to see you!

  9. Lets support the current single and get it as high as possible on the charts then we can "worry" about the next single :)

  10. Anonymous10:28 AM

    yes, i am the unknown soul you are thinking of and the little birdy happens to be a duck.

  11. Anonymous12:16 PM

    It is not merlot in his glass! Some sort of white wine. He must have tried a number of kinds. haha