Friday, January 26, 2007

WKML "Top 5 at 6" and more...

Another of Bucky Covington's new promo photos, just released yesterday--click the image to visit Bucky's official MySpace for more.

Tonight's WKML "Top 5 at 6" is about to begin; will Bucky Covington's "A Different World" jump from Number Two to be the most requested song on the countdown tonight? Listen to the online stream at 6 p.m. ET, and stay tuned--we'll have the results for you here later this evening.

(Edited with results--Number One tonight! DJ Larry gave Bucky a thumbs-up on last night's Larry King Live appearance, and mentioned Bucky's upcoming Opry show in March. Big thanks to all who requested this evening--and if you haven't had the pleasure of hearing WKML's "Top 5 at 6" chart-topper yet, listen to it now at CMT...)

In the meantime, here's a little more about tomorrow's Nevada Ballet Theatre "Woman of the Year" gala at the Wynn Las Vegas, via the Las Vegas Review Journal; Paula Abdul is the honoree this year, and Bucky will be among those present:

The "American Idol" judge will have a large delegation of "Idol" supporters on hand. Six former "Idol" contestants, Anthony Fedorov, Bucky Covington, Melissa McGhee, Lisa Tucker, Mandisa and Paris Bennett, will do a medley of her 1980s hits.

Some other entertainers have been lined up too, "and we're still waiting to hear on Randy (Jackson) and Simon (Cowell) and Chris Daughtry."

Team Covington has been covering the Black and White Ball story since it first hit the internet--be sure to check out Kathy's great posts from earlier this week. (Naturally, we're hoping for some great wire-service photos from this elegant event; look for those to start showing up anywhere from very late Saturday night to Sunday evening...)

The afternoon Mediabase charts are posted, and it looks like "A Different World" continues its graceful climb, moving up a notch to #47. If you'd enjoy helping it on its way, the blog at the BuckyCovingtonFans MySpace is there to point you in the right direction, with information, tips and more on how to help Bucky get some airplay in your hometown--frequently updated and always fun. (And of course, remember the Golden Rule of requesting--only request at radio stations you can and do listen to.) As Indiana's "Hank or Stank", Kathy's "Hop It or Drop It", and countless other locals-only challenges and test track wins have shown, the single doesn't need heroic spamming efforts--it's a good song, pure and simple. Request once a day at your favorite local and online country stations, and watch Bucky's talents and an excellent tune do the rest...

Finally, a little news from the Cure the Kids Radiothon interview Bucky did earlier today--the video for "A Different World" will be on the air in two to three weeks! Yep, that means we're in for some fun at CMT and GAC--as viewers and as voters. Stay tuned for a bit more about those great countdown shows in future posts.

Edited to add a couple of notable media mentions: Bucky Covington is a Featured Artist in CMT's Artists section this week (thanks, Sunscreen and dbrosch), and a short article based on the Lyric Street label announcement can be found in the current print issue of Country Weekly. (A kind fan at the Fox boards picked one up at her newsstand today and shared the news--thanks! More later...)


  1. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Oh again you post a newbie after I start the

    Anonymous said...
    Top 5 at 6
    #5 Sugarland "Settlin'"

    3:07 PM

    Anonymous said...
    #4 Jason Michael Carroll "Alyssa Lies"

    3:08 PM

    Anonymous said...
    #3 "Watching Me" Rodney Atkins

    3:13 PM

  2. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Well we know he either tied or beat himself from either way..fine and dandy. Go Bucky! :D

  3. Anonymous3:16 PM

    #2 Brad Paisley "She's Everything"

  4. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Well I guess we don't really know what I just said we did...but we hope. haha

  5. Hee! Yes, we hope...

    *keeping confetti close*

  6. Anonymous3:20 PM

    #1 "Different World" Bucky Covington

  7. Ohhh! Thank you for the countdown and the good news! :D

  8. Anonymous3:22 PM


    Note to Bucky:
    "Never wear baggie jeans!" haha

  9. Anonymous3:25 PM

    DJ gives Bucky kudos for doing great job on Larry King Live last night.

    Also mentioned Bucky is set for the Grand Ole Opry on March 9!

    Yay to DJ Larry!

  10. LOL! Wonder if the same stylist worked on the "A Different World" video"?

  11. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Oh goodness...I want to see that medley so much!

  12. (We love DJ Larry! Fayetteville, trust me--you don't know how good you have it, radio wise...)

  13. We can only hope that somehow, someway, some video of that medley comes to light.

    Still giggling at the thought of our favorite new country singer doing the Bucky Slide to "Hush Hush"...hee!

  14. Anonymous3:56 PM

    I so want to see those two cute blond male idols in the mix of all those women doing Paula songs...the concept it just so darn funny. hahaha

  15. Lord I would love to be a fly on the wall! lol

  16. Beesims2:03 AM

    Hi Winnie,

    My last day in South Africa. Wow I have a lot of catching up on Bucky goodies when I get home. Thank goodness for Sunscreen at Rawkhands for putting up a lnk to download LKL. It sounds like it was must see TV. Haven't heard "DIfferent World" on CApetown radio but I did hear Kelly Clarkson this AM at a hairdresser. Idol is everywhere.


    PS: Yesterday I saw penguins on a drive to the tip of the Cape of Good Hope. It is so beautiful here.

  17. Carol-sounds like a lovely trip!

    CMT putting him on the featured artist list is a fantastic sign of things to come. Once the video starts getting played the radio requests will go up to. Trying today to get the image out of my head of Bucky singing Straight Up ... :)

  18. Good morning, Carol and Kathy! :)

    Carol, what an adventure you must have had out there--I can't wait to hear about South Africa! (And who knows...maybe in a few months Bucky will have a hit there, too?) Sunscreen "rawks", and that particular LKL show is the funniest thing to hit CNN in a long time...

    Kathy, that is exactly what I was thinking! The requests are going to really jump when that beautiful video hits CMT and GAC. Can't wait to see this!

  19. Yes, very often a video can turn me onto a song so he should gain some new fans! I am buried in PSP today so hope I don't miss anything!

  20. So far it seems quiet today--but we all know how fast that can change when you're trying to keep up with Bucky Covington news. :)

    Have fun with PSP today!