Monday, June 02, 2014

Thursday, 6/5: Bucky Covington performs at Renegade Radio Nashville's party at the Wildhorse...

Bucky Covington's fans in Nashville (and those who are just visiting for CMA Fest) are in for a treat--he'll kick off the festival fun as part of Renegade Radio Nashville's 3rd Anniversary Party at the Wildhorse Saloon (120 2nd Ave N in Nashville).. The music gets going at 10 pm and lasts all the way until 2 am; and tickets are $10 for those 21 and over, $20 for those under 21. The lineup is fantastic, too: along with Bucky, David Bradley, Erica Nicole, Josh Thompson, Lisa Matassa, Krystal Keith, 2 Steel Girls, Angle Mary and Tennessee Werewolves and Branch and Dean are set to take the stage.

If you're not in Nashville this week (I feel your pian!), it looks like we'll be able to enjoy the fun via streaming audio--Renegade offers streaming that night and every night.  Enjoy!  More soon....


  1. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Bucky would be worthy of seeing, the others are gravy on my biscuit. Bucky gets far too few shows in Nashville!

  2. Hi, Anon! I hope you got a chance to go--and I hope lots more Nashville shows are on Bucky's horizon this year. Thanks for stopping by!