Friday, April 25, 2014

Weekend preview: Catch up wiith Bucky Covington at Country Music Chat; "Buzzin'" wins at Thunder 102 and 105 The Hawk...

Bucky Covington on stage at the Iowa State Fair; thanks again to the very kind Judy Lang for the shot.

This weekend, you've got the chance to catch up with Bucky Covington courtesy of, where a great overview of Bucky's career to date is posted.  Check out Jason Scott's excellent article now!

Bucky and his band are ready to hit the road this summer--you can check out the latest news on his official Tour page, and check out "Buzzin'" on Thunder 102 (where it won the "Starting to Rumble" challenge), on 105 The Hawk (where it won the "Flyin' or Dyin'" challenge), on Frog Country 101.5 (where it'll be featured in an upcoming "Frog Country Cage Match") and on your local country radio station!  More soon...

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