Thursday, March 13, 2014

A little fun on Facebook...

If you haven't been to Bucky Covington's official Facebook, you're missing out!  Bucky's posted a great blast from the past" shot of himself and Rocky from dirt biking days gone by--check it out right here.  Also, congrats to Bucky on gathering 190,000 likes as of this week...

Covington's Collision Center is on Facebook as well, and they're busy, too--check out the latest, and if you're in the area and need a little body work, you've gotta get there soon!

Bucky and Rocky and the band are set to rock the stage at at the Lakes Jam festival in Brainerd, MN on June 27th--get your tickets right away!  See you soon...


  1. Hi Winnie! It's always great job! I haven't gotten to keep up with everything lately & just wondering if Buckys gonna be at the CMA Fest this year? And is there gonna be a fan club party? Hope your doing well!

  2. Hey there, Glenda! Thanks, and it's good to see you--how have you been?

    I haven't heard yet about Bucky's CMA Fest schedule this year, but there should be some news very soon. (My guess is that with the baby on the way, a lot of serious schedule-juggling is going on.) The fan club party updates will probably come out around the same time as the CMA Fest schedule and they'll be posted here and Tweeted as soon as they arrive. Hope you're going to Nashville for all the fun!