Friday, March 28, 2014

A concert photopalooza at Bucky Covington's Facebook (and a new website coming soon...)

One of only a handful of semi-decent concert shots I've gotten after all these years--here's Bucky Covington and Luc Nyhus on stage at Nashville's Municipal Auditorium back in 2012. Thanks again to the awesome Hildi for making this photo possible!

Looks like there's a revamped official website on the horizon for Bucky Covington--and if you've had your camera handy at any of his concerts, you've got a chance to be part of it!  Bucky posted a request on his Facebook calling for concert shots, and the response has been incredible.  Lots of truly talented photographers are in Bucky's audiences...kudos to everyone who has generously shared photos and memories!

We're eagerly awaiting that brand new website--and we're looking forward to Bucky's brand new music, as well. (Seems like high and happy expectations are the theme this year, yes?)  Have a great weekend, y'all!

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