Monday, September 16, 2013

An "Autism Sings" update, and a shout out to Bucky Covington's friend Slim...

Thanks to Tyler Barham, one of the stars of the Nashville Autism Sings benefit, for sharing this promo video at YouTube!  Bucky Covington joins Gloriana, Billy Dean, Logan Blade, Katie Chance, Jaci Velasquez, Tyler Barham, Austin Webb and emcee Evan Farmer for this year's event on October 1st at Margaritaville in downtown Nashville. Tickets are on sale right now via Autism Speaks--click here to register and get yours, and hurry.  Seats are said to be very limited!

If you've been to Bucky's Facebook recently, you know exactly how he spent part of his weekend--check out that great shot of him and his fiancee Katherine enjoying a little trail-riding adventure.  Unfortunately, Bucky's four-legged friend Slim had a different sort of adventure--Bucky shared this photo of his bandaged buddy at Twitter today. Feel better soon, Slim! We'll see you tomorrow evening

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