Monday, September 30, 2013

A little night music: Bucky Covington's "A Different World" live in Kansas City, Autism Sings concert tomorrow night in Nashville...

Donna Camarata was at the Beaumont in Kansas City for this terrific version of Bucky Covington's first hit, "A Different World".  Many thanks to her for posting it at YouTube!  You can enjoy Bucky, along with     Gloriana, Billy Dean, Logan Blade, Katie Chance, Jaci Velasquez, Tyler Barham, Austin Webb and emcee Evan Farmer for the big Autism Sings benefit concert tomorrow, October 1st at Margaritaville Nashville. Don't delay, ger your tickets right away!  They're on sale online this evening, and at $20 for individual seats and $30 a pair, they're a great bargain for a night of excellent live music. More information is available via email at, or call them at 615-238-1625.  See you soon!

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