Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Reminder: Bucky Covington and band live at the Belleville Homecoming Festival in WV on September 21st...

A very vintage West Virginia concert memory--here's "I'm Good", as performed live during Bucky Covington's 2008 (!) show in Sutton.  Thanks to jdkwv for the video!

Just a reminder tonight:  enjoy Bucky Covington and his band live on September 21st in Belleville, WV, when they'll perform at the Belleville Homecoming Festival.  (Bucky and his band seem to be favorites in WV--we're not even gonna rule out another WV show this year...)

The Belleville Homecoming show is the last date on Bucky's official calendar as of post-time, but we're pretty sure there are a few more shows on the horizon.  Stay tuned, y'all...


  1. Hey Winnie! About 15 minutes from my house lol I will be there with bells on and will send you pics!Kathy G

  2. Hey, Kathy! Good to see you and I was hoping you were going--have a blast and I can't wait to see your photos! :)