Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Bucky Covington's need for speed: Triple S Harley-Davidson and a possible charity ride...

A little vintage velocity from Bucky Covington's own YouTube channel--enjoy!

Got the need for speed?  Bucky Covington and his band are ready to help you out--he'll be part of the party at the Triple S Harley-Davidson Grand Re-opening Fest in Granville, WV on Saturday, August 10thTriple S Harley-Davidson's website, their Twitter and their Facebook event page.have more details for you--don't miss the fun!

We're not sure who'll be at this year's Craig Morgan Charity Ride on Saturday, September 14 in Dickson, TN (not for lack of lookin', y'all...) but we're gonna guess that Bucky could be part of the festivities.  Here's a fun quote from Craig at TheBoot.com about his daredevil ways:

"I don’t know — I can’t get anyone to play with me," Morgan tells the Boot when asked about the other daredevils in country music. "Bucky Covington ain’t scared to ride a dirt bike and get hurt. That kid was always out there playing a little bit. And I’ve asked [Brad] Paisley quite a few times; he thinks I’m out of my mind. I try to get him to come four-wheeling and stuff. He’ll go four-wheeling, but not the way we do it."

 We'll try to get the celebrity roster for this one--stay tuned!  More later...

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