Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Update: Bucky Covington and band on the Entertainment Stage at the Jackson County Fair Wednesday night...

Another Ohio concert memory--Bucky Covington and his band rocked Portsmouth, Ohio last summer with this fun version of "Mexicoma", and they'll be back in the Buckeye State tomorrow evening. (Thanks to bryanfan04 for posting this one at YouTube.)

Here's an update for those planning to attend Bucky Covington's performance at the Jackson County Fair in beautiful Wellston, Ohio tomorrow nightFrom the fair's Facebook page:

Attention: Anyone attending the Bucky Covington Concert on July 17th due to the size of the Entertainment stage and the set up we have decided to move Bucky to this stage . We will still have the front reserved seats that was purchased. We will have aprox. 500 folding chairs, and 5 sets of bleachers. After those are taken it will be standing room or you can bring your own chair.

The music gets underway at 6:00 pm, and Bucky and his band will begin their performance at about 7-7:30-ish.  Should be a blast, y'all!  More very soon...

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