Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Good news: Bucky Covington's in the studio again!

There's good news straight from Bucky Covington's Twitter today--he's in the studio, and he's co-producing some brand new tunes!  Among many other things, Dale Oliver is known for his work as a composer for TNA, and if you're familiar with Bucky's excellent album Good Guys, you've had a taste of his work as a producer. (If you're not familiar with Good Guys, get it at Amazon or iTunes now!)

Bucky's on the road, as well--he and his band will resume their tour on Friday, Aug. 2nd, when they'll take the stage at the Party on the Course festival in Anaconda, MT.  Get your tickets now at, and check out Bucky's concert calendar at Facebook and at  See you tomorrow night!

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