Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bucky Covington's mystery concert dates--can you help? (Updated 5/22--no June 1st show)

Nothing mysterious about the fun you'll have at a Bucky Covington live show--here's a sample!  This rockin'  performance of "I'm Good" was captured by LISAMARIE22685; check out Bucky's concert schedule at his official site and at Facebook, and get ready to capture your own summer memories...

Thanks to Vicki M. at Twitter for pointing out a date on Bucky's Facebook events page that wasn't listed on his calendar at like he'll be performing in St. Joseph, MO on June 1st, 
Update--we've got confirmation that there's NO June 1st show; however, there's plenty of live music in store this summer!  Please see our previous post for confirmed dates, and stay tuned for more--W

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