Thursday, May 16, 2013

A look back at Bucky Covington at the Cabin Fever benefit: story and photos at the "Music Take Me" blog (link)

A finale night memory: Bucky Covington in a tuxedo at the American Idol finale in 2006. (Photo by Tom Caswell.)

We've got a little stretch between shows (Bucky's next stop is the the Thunder on the Mountain festival in Ozark, AR on June 6th, and tickets are on sale now), but the impact of those rockin' concerts creates ripples all over.  Bucky's recent performance at the Cabin Fever benefit in Cumberland, MD was covered beautifully by the talented author of the Music Take Me blog, complete with terrific photos and background information about the work of the Tri-State Zoological Park--definitely a must-read!

Bucky's summer concert schedule is posted at his official site...don't miss a beat, y'all!  We'll be back soon...


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