Monday, April 29, 2013

New video: Bucky Covington and Ducky Medlock perform in Nashville...

Bucky Covington and Ducky Medlock performed at the big "Angels on Earth" benefit in Nashville on April 24th--thanks to Kristine Eicher for sharing a bit of the show via YouTube this past weekend.  Enjoy!

Here's a reminder about Bucky Covington's next live show--be there for an all-ages party with Bucky and his band at Avanti's Dome in Pekin, IL on Saturday, May 4th. Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 on the day of the show, and you can get yours locally at the Twisted Spoke Saloon, Co-Op Records, Shandy's, all Avanti's locations, the Avanti's Dome or online at

A few visual memories popped up on Twitter while we were away...check out Toni's photo of Bucky at the Grand Ole OpryTyua's cute meet-and-greet shot, and Bucky's own portrait of one of the wilder audience members at last weekend's Cabin Fever show...

Wanna create some memories of your own?  Hop on over to Bucky's official concert calendar and make plans to get to a show when he and his band come your way.  We'll see you very soon!

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