Monday, March 11, 2013

New show: Bucky Covington at The Dome in Pekin, IL on May 4th (updated)...

Bucky Covington on stage in Iowa; thanks again to the very generous Judy Lang for sharing her talents.

A new concert date has popped up on Bucky Covington's eOne calendar--looks like he and his band will rock Avanti's Dome in Pekin, IL on May 4th (new date as of 3/18). The Dome is located at 3401 Griffin Avenue; and their website is right here--no ticket details just yet, but we're hoping for some information soon.  Bucky's last stop in the area was a wild night at the Twisted Spoke Saloon in Tremont in 2011. If you were there, you know you want to be at the Dome in May, and if you weren''re in for the first of many, many good times.  (Bucky and his band put on a downright addictive live show--ask anyone who's had the pleasure.)

In the meantime, enjoy the pleasure of hearing Bucky tonight on your local country station--make a request, y'all!  We'll see you soon...

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