Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bucky Covington's future festivals--how you can request him in your town...

Thanks again to Judy Lang for this terrific vintage photo from Bucky Covington's performance at the Iowa State Fair.

We'd like to thank Vicki M. at Twitter for a great suggestion--if your local country music festival is looking ahead to 2014, why not let them know Bucky Covington's got fans in your area?  Many festivals (especially radio station-sponsored shows) actively solicit listener suggestions...keep an eye out for that "who would you like to see at Such And Such Jam next year?" question on your country station's website, Facebook or Twitter, then post away!  For other festivals, like Manhattan, Kansas' big Country Stampede, there's a handy Artist Request form linked right up top.

Seeing none of the above?  Well, there's always the option of simply emailing or using the contact link on your local festival's site, and letting them know you'd like to see Bucky and his band in next year's lineup.  Requesting an artist for a festival is very much like radio requesting--local and regional correspondence counts most, since locals and music fans from neighboring areas are the most likely to actually attend the festival.  Bucky and his band put on an absolutely must-see live show--it's well worth the time to put in a good word for them! 

Speaking of Bucky's awesome live show, you've got quite a few chances to enjoy it this spring--among them, a hot date at Avanti's Dome in Pekin, IL on May 4th. Tickets are $15 in advance,  $20 on the day of the show, and you can get yours at the Twisted Spoke Saloon, Co-Op Records, Shandy's, all Avanti's locations, The Avanti's Dome and online at We'll see you soon!--W

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