Tuesday, March 05, 2013

A fun fact from Bucky Covington, and a "wild" concert reminder...

Bucky Covington rocked the house at SKyPAC; thanks again to the very gracious Kimberly for the photo!

It's a very quiet news day, but never fear--Bucky Covington's Twitter has a fun bit of trivia for these last long nights of winter. "Fun Fact: Bears are waking up from hibernating- and they are hungry! Be careful if you are going camping soon. Haha."  We'll watch out...

Speaking of wildlife (sort of), here's a reminder about Cabin Fever, the big benefit concert for the Tri-State Zoological Park on April 27th in Cumberland, MD.  Bucky and his band will headline a full day of stellar live music; Woodsetter.com has the details, and you'll have a great time!

We'll se you tomorrow--sweet dreams!

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