Thursday, February 14, 2013

New Bucky Covington interview at Bowling Green Daily News...

Many thanks to the kind Misfit42 for this photo of Bucky Covington on stage in Portsmouth, Ohio.

Bucky Covington was interviewed by Alyssa Harvey of the Bowling Green Daily News about life, music and his upcoming performance at SKyPAC this Saturday night.   Here's what he had to say about his early days as a musical artist:

The Rockingham, N.C., man’s career had humble beginnings. He did karaoke to the tunes of country singer George Strait in his bedroom. As a student in high school, he realized he liked to sing.
"I liked girls and dirt bikes. I did trumpet and French horn in high school," he said, laughing. "Chicks like guys with guitars."

He was listening to an album by Jeff Healey, who sings "Angel Eyes," and saw himself singing onstage with a guitar. Covington got so excited that he decided to teach himself to play it and other instruments.

"The next day I bought a guitar and a Peavey amp. I have the attention span of a squirrel," he said. "I get bored at the drop of a hat. I play drums, bass. My goal is to add the piano to it."

 You can enjoy Bucky and his band (sans piano, for now) at the Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center Saturday night with guests Katie Armiger and Kyle Whitaker.  Tickets are on sale now at SKyPAC's website, or get yours by phone at 270-904-1880. See you in 24 hours or less!


  1. Anonymous11:59 PM

    So happy that Bucky is finally performing here in my hometown. I hope it's sold out!

  2. A sold out show would be awesome, Anon--have fun at the concert and thanks for stopping in! (And if you talk to Bucky, tell him his Ohio fans would love a show this year... :)

  3. Kimberly11:25 AM

    Hey Ms,Winnie I'm so Excited for the Concert tomorrow night... I will send u a link to my pix & feel free to use them on here anytime! I have M&G so I will def tell him his Ohio fans say hello & would love a show this year!

  4. Kimberly, hi and thanks--I know you are going to have so much fun tomorrow! Can't wait to see your pix. Say hello to your family for me too! :)

  5. Kimberly1:11 PM

    You're welcome! & Yes I had a BLAST!!!! I will tell my family hello for you.. Here is the link to my pix & again feel free to use any of them here on Buckymania.. Thanks for keeping us up to date with all things Bucky!

  6. Thank YOU, Kimberly...beautiful photos as always, and you're very kind to share them! So glad you and yours had a good time at SKyPAC, and keep an eye out for lots of your shots here on the blog. See you soon, I hope! :)